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How Curated Content Brings the Electoral Experience to Europe

How much content have you seen published about the 2016 US election campaign? The electoral battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the presidency has dominated media headlines in the US and abroad.

If the election of Barack Obama in 2008 brought sweeping change to the geopolitical landscape, this election has greater ramifications for the world.

That’s why the Leading European Newspaper Alliance (LENA) is providing ongoing coverage of the election during the closing weeks of the campaign. The movement is headlined by the hashtag #EuropeGoesUS, which will dissect issues from the campaign and the concerns of American voters for Europeans engaged with the election.

What Is #EuropeGoesUS?

The #EuropeGoesUS experience is an ongoing report of the US electoral campaign during the closing sprint to voting day on November 8. A dozen journalists representing 7 European newspapers are traversing the United States for on the ground reaction to the campaign as events unfold.

The publishers participating in #EuropeGoesUS include:

The experience is an unprecedented, collaborative move by some of Europe’s largest media publishers. Journalists are sharing breaking news stories with colleagues to provide their subscribers with the most informative content about American expectations from the election.

The benefits of the collaboration are two-fold. Editors and managing directors of major publications provide their readers with original content from multiple news reporters. This ensures that the most important stories are told regardless of the source. As a result, the end subscriber receives an informative and in-depth experience built upon great content with insight into American perspectives.

Great ideas for even better content

So where in the US are reporters making stops? LENA is sending 12 reporters across all continental US states (Alaska and Hawaii excluded) to acquire information related to the election.

For example, Anna Lombardi of LaRepubblica stopped at an event in New York City to meet citizens in the nation’s largest city. There, she met members of the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) and a special group wearing t-shirts branded with the phrase “Tomorrow Together.”

These four concerned citizens were all celebrating their 15th birthdays on September 11, exactly fifteen years after the horrific attacks on September 11, 2001. They are the living embodiment of the hope that arose after 9/11, and joined thousands of volunteers determined to shine light on societal issues such as child hunger. These issues have been absent in most electoral content due to the hyperbole expressed by the two candidates. Nevertheless, the NYLC is determined to continue telling the stories that need to be told.


LaRepubblica Content Experience

LaRepubblica is one of the largest Italian newspapers in circulation and is affiliated with LENA. To provide in-depth content about the election, the editors of LaRepubblica used modern technology to bring that content across the pond.

The newspaper partnered with ScribbleLive to curate social media updates across the US, and broadcast that content to followers in Europe. The posts are arranged in a pinboard, which updates in real time as new content is published under the hashtag #EuropeGoesUS. This experience allows readers to easily view the latest updates from the campaign in one convenient stream of content.

Raffaella Menichini, Social Media Editor of, is one of the architects of LaRepubblica’s content curation strategy. Raffaella said the ScribbleLive social curation platform is the best solution to provide audiences with the content that matters.

“I created the social media livestream because the very nature of the project is to explore the American reality, through small stories, through a European eye. I thought that snaps taken on the road by reporters and their live impressions would have been the perfect language for this kind of narrative alongside more traditional reports and multimedia content. The decision to make it available for syndication came naturally. I think that it’s a first in terms of trans-national collaborative journalism, and allows other media to share the content with their own audiences.”


To provide this experience to your own audiences, visit ScribbleLive and syndicate LaRepubblica’s content from the campaign trail. Act quickly; the election comes to an end on November 8 and the reporters will return home to Europe on November 13.

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