Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brain-Boosting Habits to Learn About

To do well in school or during exams, you need to study hard. However, studying is not the only thing that you should do to prepare and excel academically. You also need to ensure that you are taking the necessary measures to improve your brain health and function. If you have a healthy and well-performing brain, you can easily understand and remember what you are studying on. There are actually some brain-boosting habits that you can start building this year. These habits can help you improve your brain health and function. The articles below will show you exactly how you can do it, please have a look:

How To Build One Brain-Boosting Habit In 2015

We never stop learning. But unlike our school days, when our brain is constantly challenged and exercised to become better, our adult lives don’t make time for this. In 2015, give your brain a boost. It’s easier than you think and takes only a few minutes of your life each day — something you can easily turn into a habit.

Resolutions are easy to make, but difficult to follow through on. Why? Usually because we make one too many resolutions as the new year rolls around. Our ambition tells us, “Sure, we can spend a few minutes a day to meditate. In fact, we should also start reading more, maybe a book a week. Oh, and we’ll start building our memory as well.” And by February, none of them stick. Read more...

This is another great post that provides some relevant information about how we can boost the functions of our brain. I hope you find this helpful!

Boosting your Brains Function | Science Today

According to Dr. Joanna Idon, a neuropsychologist that specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, daily tasks — as simple as heading to the supermarket — are an excellent way to exercise the brain. She suggests that, “Next time you go shopping try breaking your shopping list down into categories such as fruit and vegetables, toiletries and dairy. Then see how much you can remember without referring to the list.”

As study conducted by the University of Indiana concludes that writing by hand promotes optimum activity of the brain far better than that when you use a keyboard; thereby, keeping our minds sharp. Read more...

It can be extremely easy to keep the brain healthy. There are many reading materials nowadays that provide some tips recommended by experts about how we can boost our brain health and function.

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