Monday, 17 October 2016

Lesson 42 - Parts of Speech - Adjectives

When you are using separate nouns, be sure to use the articles (a, an, or the)before each noun. If only one thing or person is meant, do not repeat the article.

Examples: I need a secretary and a bookkeeper. ( two persons)

I need a secretary and bookkeeper. (one person)

She lost the black and white kitten. (one kitten)

She lost the black and the white kitten. (two kittens)

Instructions: Choose the correct form in these sentences.

1. Mrs. Jones is (a wife and a doctor, a wife and doctor).

2. Jane wanted (a girl and a boy, a girl and boy) for the committee.

3. Jack was wearing (a green and red, a green and a red) shirt.

4. Joan wants to be (a rock star or a lawyer, a rock star or lawyer).

5. Jim brought (a bat and ball, a bat and a ball).

--For answers scroll down.


1. a wife and doctor

2. a girl and a boy

3. a green and red

4. a rock star or a lawyer

5. a bat and a ball

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