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ScribbleLive Spark: Use Checklists to Ensure Brand Consistency

Introducing ScribbleLive Spark

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new blog series called ScribbleLive Spark. This is a product focused series that will outline some of the best ways to use our products to their full capacity. For both existing and new customers, this series will provide a glimpse into how ScribbleLive can help you do content marketing more effectively.

We will begin the series by explaining how marketing teams can manage their workflows and establish brand consistency across various initiatives by using our Plan product. Enjoy!

ScribbleLive Spark: Use Checklists to Ensure Brand Consistency


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In the Strategy section of ScribbleLive Plan, there is an option to establish ‘checklists’. You can use this feature to outline lists of to-dos that will apply to every piece of content created by your team. This is a great way to ensure critical tasks are always completed such as SEO keyword mapping, proofreading/editing, aligning to strategic goals, ensuring consistent messaging, and even reminders to internally promote the content.

The Full Story



One characteristic that separates great marketing teams from good marketing teams is attention to detail. Great marketing teams are very conscientious of the end product. This means reviewing the messaging within the content, ensuring the design is optimal, and incorporating the proper keywords for SEO visibility.

Maintaining this attention to detail, however, as marketing teams scale and face increasing content demands, can be challenging. How can a marketing leader engrain detail-specific thinking and processes across an entire team? How can a leader ensure a unified brand voice applies to all of their content efforts, across different team silos and promotional channels?

We’ve listened to marketers and built functionality that addresses this challenge: checklists. Checklists help teams implement consistent workflows, break down silos, and ensure all the details are addressed. In essence, checklists help marketing teams optimize their resources and work more effectively.

What / How

Access your ScribbleLive Plan account and select the ‘Strategy’ section along the left rail. You will see an option to create and manage checklists.

ScribbleLive Spark Plan Checklists

Within your checklist, assign lists of tasks that you want included on every initiative that your team will work on. You are given a blank slate to develop as you see fit but we’ve seen teams optimize their workflow by including reminders about SEO, proofreading, design guidelines, as well as internal and external promotion via social media or other channels.

ScribbleLive Spark Checklist Tasks

Once your checklists are built into your strategy, you can easily apply every task on your list to each piece of content within your project. Each member of your team can review these lists and check off the tasks as they are completed.

Bottom Line

Checklists are a great way to implement detailed-oriented processes and tasks across your marketing team and organization, leading to consistent brand practices, and more effective marketing.

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