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ScribbleLive Spark: Automate Content Research with Watchlists

Welcome back to our ScribbleLive Spark series, where we outline tips and best practices to use our products for effective results. The first post in the series outlined how marketers can improve their workflows using ScribbleLive Plan. This week we dive inside ScribbleLive Insights and discuss how to use influencer research to fuel your content ideation. Enjoy!

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In ScribbleLive Insights, our content ideation and research engine, there is a section called ‘watchlists.’ This is where you can monitor influencers of interest and receive automated notifications when influencers publish impactful opinions. This allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of topics of interest, and make informed decisions in your content ideation process.

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Why Watchlists are Important

Marketers know that bad content is costly and ineffective. They also know that with the current profusion of online content, it is increasingly challenging to stand out. This poses a few questions: how can brands stay relevant? How can marketers avoid producing redundant noise?

One solution is extensive research. By studying which themes and opinion-holders are already gaining attention, you can identify unique opportunities to differentiate your own content. And that’s exactly what our ‘watchlists’ accomplish in ScribbleLive Insights.


Using Insights’ influencer analysis, you can organize influencers into watchlists. These are most commonly used to segment influencers into focused groups.

If you were interested in studying the automotive market, for example, you may have a watchlist for automotive bloggers, and another for automotive business leaders, or potentially automotive analysts. This allows you to focus your analysis on the most relevant influencers.

Insights Influencer List



Once you set up your watchlists, influencer activity can be closely monitored against topics of interest. For example, it may be interesting to see which automotive brand leaders are most influential for the topic of ‘car technology.’


Automate Insights Watch List


The final and most popular element of watchlists is our ability to send automatic daily summaries of influencer activity directly to your inbox. Just click ‘subscribe’ on the watchlist, and you’ll receive daily emails summarizing the most impactful opinions. This feature simplifies your research process and allows you to be as quick and agile as possible in your content ideation.

Emailed Watch List

Bottom Line

Watchlists are a useful way to keep your finger on the pulse of markets of interest. By monitoring what influencers are saying within your topics of interest, and receiving daily summary updates, you can ensure that you and your team will be more knowledgeable, data-driven, and ultimately relevant when ideating great content.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with content ideation and influencer analysis, give us a shout for a customized walkthrough!

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