Friday, 17 June 2016

Syndicate Great Euro Content With AFP Sports

ScribbleLive has teamed up with Agence France-Presse (AFP) to provide high-quality coverage of the 2016 UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial European men’s football championship. Coverage will proceed throughout the event until the conclusion of the championship match on July 10, 2016.

AFP is one of the world’s largest news agencies that delivers in-depth coverage of the world’s biggest events. From electoral campaigns to sporting events like Euro 2016, AFP upholds rigid values of truth, impartiality, and plurality to provide the most informative and valuable content free of outside influence.

Do More with Less

The fact of the matter is that covering a live event is very expensive for publishers these days. As media companies strive to remain viable in an increasingly competitive world, teams must provide more content at less expense. Therefore, many publishers syndicate content from larger sites to connect with their audiences without breaking the budget.

Content syndication helps marketers build authority, increase web traffic, or gain exposure with a larger audience. However, the content that is syndicated must be top quality and curated from a reliable source in order for teams to update their content marketing strategies. Publishers with reputations like AFP are reliable sources of great content, which can be purchased by other sites and republished or repurposed to help connect with passionate sports fans and communities.

We are now one week into UEFA Euro 2016 and there are plenty of highlights that already made the rounds on social media. Perhaps the most memorable events are the terrifying scenes between Russian and England fans clashing in Marseille, and Irish and Swedish fans singing and dancing in the street together.

However, this is still a tournament about football and there are plenty of moments from the games themselves. Try and pick a winner from these two incredible strikes.

How To Syndicate Great Sports Content

The organisers of this year’s Euro have expanded the competition to include 24 teams, which means there will be even more memorable moments. To help organize and coordinate the best of the competition, AFP is using the ScribbleLive Engage content curation platform to provide up-to-date content until a winner is crowned. Publishers rely on the content curation platform to connect and engage with fans. Subsequently, sports fans can interact with their counterparts from anywhere in the world by commenting on highlights as they appear in the streams.

How can you syndicate great sports content onto your website? Visit any number of live blogs providing real-time updates of the Euros on the ScribbleLive Market. Content is streamed in English, French, Spanish and German, which can be repurposed onto your website for a small fee.

Other publishers have followed the lead of AFP by incorporating ScribbleLive into their coverage of the competition. The French daily, Le Monde, for example has built their live content hub using the ScribbleLive API and their coverage features real-time expert analysis, reader Q&As and animated gifs. The Dutch football publication VI has produced interactive, multimedia-heavy updates from the tournament; France 24 is using customised embeds and ScribbleLive-powered scoreboards to cover matches; the Italian daily, La Repubblica, is using a ScribbleLive pinboard to curate the best social content from the Euro; and La Gazzetta Dello Sport has uploaded live match coverage onto the ScribbleLive Market.

If you don’t have a license to syndicate content through ScribbleLive, we still have you covered. Send a quick email to for assistance and you can setup a content syndication license in just a few short moments.

There will be plenty of football highlights uploaded by AFP and other publishers as Euro 2016 rolls on. Here’s hoping that all fans remain excited throughout the tournament.







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