Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lesson 340 - Mechanics - Punctuation - Periods

Use a period to show decimals, dollars, and cents. Examples: This costs $6.99. Two and one half is written 2.5.

Instructions: Put periods where needed in the following sentences.

1. In decimals, 225 would mean two and one fourth.

2. That new saddle will cost us $72933. (seven hundred twenty-nine dollars and thirty-three cents)

3. The little girl paid $025 (twenty-five cents) for the sucker, and the boy paid $059 (fifty-nine cents) for the candy bar.

4. In decimals, four and ninety-nine hundredths is written 499.

5. Seven and two thirds is written 767.

--For answers scroll down.


1. 2.25

2. $729.33

3. $0.25 / $0.59

4. 4.99

5. 7.67

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