Thursday, 23 July 2015

Content Analytics and Terminology: Our CEO Breaks it Down

From that first pageview to a closed opportunity, content marketing has a language all its own. As a primer for brand marketers, Visually CEO Matt Cooper just posted a linguistic launchpad into the world of content analytics for BrandRepublic.

Here’s a quick preview:

Without a basic knowledge of the underlying analytics of a campaign, your content marketing is destined toward inefficiency and lost sales.

Content from creatives who understand the numbers behind what works and the basics of the systems that drive the results will be able to make informed decisions that drive client and customer acquisition.

Of course, marketing automation and analytics have become increasingly sophisticated, so creatives could be forgiven if they don’t have the skillset needed to launch segmented marketing campaigns that track every user’s interaction down the marketing funnel.

But there are some basic metrics a creative can track in order to gain a better understanding of how users engage with their content.

Read the whole article here.

If you already know your open rates from your opt outs and want to move past terminology, take a deep dive into some more of our more in-depth writing about content analytics:

Happy measuring. We hope all your analytics are up and to the right!

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